The Spectacle of Bells

20 January, 2019
The Floating City, manifesting
within the walls
of the Cooperage,
will open its gates to all travelers.

The Cooperage

The Cooperage Milwaukee, wherein we celebrate the End of the Age of Queens.

…the Spectacle of Bells — the only time, annually, that travelers from the Continent are welcomed into the City. There, in the plaza just beyond the port, is a grand bazaar full of curios, cures, and mysteries. Travelers may stay for the duration of the festivities but are not encouraged to explore beyond the steel and stone bridges that border the Bazaar. The revelry lasts from sunrise to next morning’s sunrise…

…Once upon a time, there had been a queen. A terrifying, cruel queen. The City reminds itself of this — of what the ancestors of the inhabitants fought to overthrow — each year at the Spectacle of Bells, but even those stories are mostly lost. No two tales of the Age of Queens are alike. We ask ourselves, can anyone know?

-from The Compendium Chronicles of the Floating City & the Night Carnival

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